December 14, 2017

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? by Donnie Seigler

Donnie Seigler teaches WordPress, HTML, and Make Your Site Mobile Friendly.

Donnie Seigler teaches WordPress, HTML, and Make Your Site Mobile Friendly.

In recent years people have increasingly been accessing the Internet using their mobile devices. As of February 2015 this year access with mobile devices has overtaken that by desktop computers.  In fact, roughly 60% of Internet access is done using mobile devices.

In response Google Search, as of April 21, has updated their search algorithm to give higher ranked listings to sites that are Mobile Ready.  With 2 out of 3 searches occurring on Google Search, this change can significantly impact the ranking of your site.  If your page is not Mobile Friendly you are likely to sink in the search results and lose out on precious traffic flow.

So, is your site Mobile Ready?  If you are not sure you can test your site with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool.  Simply click through and enter the URLs of your site’s pages to see how Google views the Mobile Friendliness of your pages.  Even if you think your site is optimized for Mobile Devices it is a good idea to double check using the Mobile Friendly Test tool.

So what if your site doesn’t pass muster with Google?  One solution is to implement the Twitter Bootstrap framework.  Twitter Bootstrap is a collection of CSS and JavaScript files you can easily insert into your site’s code.  The framework works by setting your site’s design into a collapsible grid structure.  The grid will seamlessly collapse into a more scrollable view for small screen mobile devices.

Here at Colorado Free University our CompuSkills instructor, Donnie Seigler, will show you how to implement this simple technology in his class Make Your Site Mobile Friendly: Using Twitter Bootstrap.  We have some upcoming classes on the schedule, so click on over and get registered so you do not miss out on higher search result listings and the all important customers who are looking for your products or services.

Donnie Seigler comes from a background in business and marketing.  During the economic downturn in 2008 he struggled to land a marketing position so decided to change gears and focused on teaching himself a variety of web development technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress.

Having held several positions with web development companies and servicing his own freelance clients, Donnie wanted to share his knowledge with others. He is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching his students highly technical topics in a casual, non-threatening environment using lay terms so that practically anyone can acquire web development skills and start using them immediately.