February 25, 2018

Web Design & Development (HTML, WordPress, JavaScript)

The following are descriptions for the Web Design and Development classes we currently offer. Although classes are arranged in series to give you skill building pathways, you may take any of them if you have the prerequisite skills.

Website Front End Development Series

It All Starts with HTML5/CSS3

Learn to code HTML5/CSS3 to produce eye-catching web designs, including a working form to gather your users’ information. Acquire the basics of the new HTML5/CSS3 standard to further enhance your design and gain more control of your forms. The first day focuses on structuring your website and adding your content using HTML5. The second day is spent laying out and styling your design with CSS3 for optimal presentation. This class focuses heavily on HTML5, CSS3 coding, the separation of structure/content, and styling. Prerequisite: Proficiency using Windows

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Interact with JavaScript

Now that you have a handle on HTML5 and CSS3, it’s time to take your website development skills to the next level without being inundated by techno-speak. Learn the basic constructs of JavaScript programming to enhance your navigation menus, create powerful smart forms, and manipulate user input to give them instant feedback and a positive custom experience. JavaScript breathes life into your site by making it more dynamic and interactive and by adding extra functionality to gather important visitor data. Take the mystery out of developing creative and interactive websites, and gain complete control of your site’s intended purpose! Prerequisite: It All Starts with HTML5/CSS3 or a basic understanding of HTML5/CSS3

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WordPress Skill-Building Series

Getting Started with WordPress: Content Management

Take charge of your website or blog by learning how to navigate the state-of-the-art publishing platform that is WordPress. This course will help you become proficient in managing your site content and basic functionality. You will learn how to find a host and setup your WP site; navigate the WP dashboard; configure your blog and web pages; use categories and tags to organize content; upload and manage media files; personalize your site with widgets; install and configure plugins; develop custom menus; manage users; and install and configure new themes. Class is appropriate for both WordPress.com sites and self-hosted WordPress.org sites. Prerequisite: Basic computer and Internet skills

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Moving Ahead with WordPress: Under the Hood

Now that you know how to create a WordPress site and manage blog posts and static pages, go under the hood to add additional functionality to your site with WordPress plugins. We will cover the installation and setup of many popular plugins and explore how you can use them to deliver a superior user experience to your visitors. Additionally, we will take a look at how WordPress is structured behind the scenes, how to setup and manage user accounts, and optimizing settings for improved usability and security. Prerequisite: Getting Started with WordPress: Content Management or equivalent knowledge

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WordPress for Developers: Custom Themes

Now that you have a handle on managing your WordPress site, this course will take you behind the scenes and show you how to build a custom WP theme. Using HTML5/CSS3 you will learn how to develop a custom theme; setup custom loop queries for your log, pages, and archives; add custom post types to manage additional content; create custom page templates; add a site search; familiarize yourself with the WP codec; and more. Leave class with a fully functioning custom theme you can immediately use or easily customize to meet your needs. Prerequisite: Getting Started with WordPress: Content Management and It All Starts with HTML5/CSS3 or equivalent knowledge. Interact with JavaScript is helpful but not required.

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